I started Rockwood Saloon Authentic Apparel in 2010 after years of designing on a freelance level for a number of clients. Because of my experience, industry knowledge, manufacturing connections and a passion for design I decided to try launching my own T-shirt line.  I had been making one off Tees for myself which were gaining interest in the Los Angeles rock and roll scene so I decided to make some small runs of a few designs and handed them out to a few musicians I knew. They loved them and wanted more! Soon the word spread about Rockwood Saloon and I was being approached by other musicians (both famous and up and comers) wanting to wear my designs! What resulted was a rock and roll fashion show and launch party that was met with great success and enthusiasm. I had 4 more that year all by request from promoters!

Over the past 3 years I have amassed a client list of over 50 touring musicians that are now wearing everything from my tank tops and
Tees to customized shirts and pants both on and off stage. I also have 100s of normal everyday people from around the world that have purchased my shirts from the website, many whom are return customers and can almost be considered fans!
These people are why I am here along with the hope of reaching many more people through Kick Starter that have no idea Rockwood exists. These “Rockwood Rockers” as the faithful are called, have been asking for new designs and because I have so many developed I just can’t afford to print them all. I hope that you love the designs as much as they do and can help me bring more great clothes to you and them.
For more information contact us at info@rockwoodsaloon.com